Friday I’m in Love

Happy Friday!!

This has been a fun filled crazy week with soooo many things to LOVE! Maybe it’s because this is the first week of February and as I have trained my kids to’s the month of LOVE. I even have the baby singing…LOVE is in the air! I did my best to narrow it down to just a few (ok maybe a little more) of the things that made me smile this week.



This beautiful bird! A peacock casually strolled through the parking lot at the ballet studio this week. I have to admit…I was in complete awe. I seriously could not stop staring, or taking pictures. I quickly unbuckled the kids so they could get a ‘bird’s eye’ view of this gorgeous fine feathered friend. We even went back later that day to see if the peacock was still there. No such luck but now that I know the peacock hangs out there, we will keep driving by to find him!



We had some time to kill after dropping my oldest at school and before taking the baby to the doctor. So we stopped at Einstein‘s for some much needed coffee for me and some bagels for the kids. These scrumptious Cinnamon Sugar Bagel Poppers were just sitting on the counter and well…they looked so lonely, I just had to buy them! Oh my! Deeelicious!! And you will be happy to know that I even shared them with the kids. Ha!



Sister love. Enough said.



Have you tried this yet? You must! The Fresh Market‘s Little Big Meal. Put in on the meal plan for next week. It is easy, delicious and only $20. It’s a great way to try new things and get out of the same old, same old for dinner. It’s every Thursday and The Fresh Market makes it VERY easy to pick up all the items. They have it all together on one table and you pick and choose what you like. In my store, it’s between the deli and the meat department. Between rain storms, doctor appointments and a sick baby, I just couldn’t get to TFM this week but I’ve already added it to next week’s meal plan and you should too!



We ended Catholic Schools Week with a school picnic and a Pep Rally. I have not been to a pep rally in probably close to 25 years so needless to say, I was just a wee bit more excited than the kids. The kids loved the music, the band and these very talented young ladies. We didn’t stay for the whole thing because skipping naps always sounds like a good idea…until the meltdowns begin.



I took probably close to a million pictures just to capture this one. This one was the best. We are all kind of looking and smiling, right? These kids may drive me crazy, keep me running and my wine glass full but I love them with all my heart and soul. They complete me.

What did you love this week??

Until next Friday…


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