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Hi! My name is Katie and I’m…classy, sassy and a bit smart-a$$y! I strive to be classy. I try my hardest to keep the sassiness to a minimum and well… the smart-a$$y…ummm..no matter what I do, its always there. I am a Jersey girl! 😉

I am a wife to my best friend of 7 years and mother of 3 beautiful daughters, ages 4.5 & 2.5 years and 8 months. Needless to say, I am always on the go juggling the needs of the family. This blog is a way for me to journal & keep track of our family life. And, hopefully, a way for me to keep my sanity.

I am a coffee lover (although I just gave it up for lent), runner (haven’t really gotten back into my grove since the baby was born…8months ago!), wanna be “clean eater” (but I always add extra cheese and have a way of making “dirty” dinners), text-a-holic, FB addict and IG lover. Only made sense to jump on over to the wonderful world of blogging.

I stopped working for money (almost 3 years ago!) when my second daughter was born and I was itching to do something for me. I have always wanted to be a writer or at least pretend to be, and blogging seemed to be the way to do it. Finding a niche is not quite as easy as it seems. I tried the health and fitness route but that kept coming and going, no consistency whatsoever. And it wasn’t fun. It felt more like work and who wants to work more.

I would spend hours thinking of a new niche and then the next day, it would fizzle. So, I took a step back, paused and looked through all my social media posts. I love to post fun and (hopefully) inspiring content. The one thing that was always constant was cooking dinner and photographing it. Insert lightbulb moment here!

Selecting recipes, making lists, going to the grocery store, preparing dinner all with three children is no easy task. My goal for this blog is to share with you any and all tips, tricks, other blog posts, gadgets and recipes to make your day easier and keep your family fed…at least for an hour or two 😉

So let’s get this going! Follow along and please feel free to post and comment as we go. I love to stay connected!

Check out Mrs. Roemer’s Nest over on FB too!

Happy Cooking!

Katie 🙂



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