Prayerful Text

I admit it. I’m a text-aholic. And I’ll also admit that I prefer to text over talking on the phone. It’s quick, easy, can be done while all the kids are screaming, can be one word or even one letter. It’s the perfect way to communicate. Today, I did something I have never done before with my texting. I typed a prayer to my husband.

With both of our busy day-to-day schedules, his in the business world and mine in preschool land, we rely heavily on text and email to stay in touch through out the day. It works for us.

Today is probably one of the more stressful days we have had in a while. In the beginning of November, we put our house on the market and 4 days later we took it off because we were officially “in contract.” Never in a million years did we ever think that would happen! Talk about putting the rush on finding a new house now!

Low and behold, we found one. One that we could raise our family in and one that we could grow old in. It’s perfect and in a wonderful neighborhood with awesome schools. Yesterday, we signed the papers and the realtor was delivering them to the sellers that afternoon. We didn’t hear a thing until this morning and it was something about the sellers receiving another offer. WHAT?! And just like that we froze. We still know nothing and it’s almost 3pm. We are still frozen and Elsa & Anna are nowhere to be found to help break the spell. (Lame, I know…but remember I live in preschool land). This not-knowing is about ready to give the husband a heart attack. So… before I went to pick up the girls from school, I sent this text:


It was the only thing I could do to help him, to help us. I’m curious to know if it brought him any comfort but I’ll wait until tonight to find out so I can see it in his face. Surprisingly enough, this time I didn’t have to go searching for comfort in the kitchen (good thing because the oven is on the fritz!). I actually found comfort through prayer.

Beautiful the mess I am…

Love & Prayers,



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